Gabriele Miglietta

The VET centre activities:

Initial vocational training for young people in compulsory education
High continuing vocational training for high school graduates and specialists
Continuing vocational training and retraining for adults
Vocational training for apprenticeships
Vocational training for users in difficult or socially disadvantaged situations
Employment and orientation services

Initial vocational training courses:

Food production operator - Enhancement of territorial products and baked goods
Food service operator - Room set-up - serving food and beverages

Vocational Technical Diploma Courses:

Food production technician - Processing and production of pastry, pasta and baked goods
Restaurant and bar services specialist

Continuing vocational education courses:

Elements of baking, pastry and pizza making
Catering - Basic cooking techniques
Catering - Advanced cooking techniques
Catering - Elements of wine tasting and food pairing
Catering - Pastry techniques
Pizzeria elements
Fruit and vegetable processing techniques - Jams and preserves
Techniques of domestic hydro-alcoholic processing
HACCP and workplace safety - Cooking
Elements of honey use and processing
Italian language L2
Elementary level A2
Upgrade IT skills - Microsoft Excel and Word


Vicolo Orfane, 6

12038 Savigliano CN
tel. (+39) 0172 72.62.03
email: direzione.savigliano@cnosfap.net
Website: savigliano.cnosfap.net