Applicant Organisation: AFP PATRONATO SAN VINCENZO
Partners: Federazione CNOS-FAP
Objectives: The MOVES project was born starting from the analysis of the European situation and investigating the gaps existing in the Italian system regarding the understanding and application of the work-based model.
Hence the idea to develop a mobility project for students that had as the main purpose the work-based model. Three Italian training centres intend to deepen their knowledge of the European models by making able 119 students and 58 staff members who need to live training and cultural experience abroad to extend their professional and cultural vision. On one side, this experience will guarantee them to acquire new tools that will increase their employability. On the other side, thanks to a system of active collaboration with bodies, professional associations and foreign companies they will convey new knowledge and methodologies within the organizations.
Duration: 12 months
Start date: 01/06/2017


Erasmus+ KA1 Mobility of individuals
Project category: 
European / International
Starting year: