Silvano Lago

Year of foundation:

Origins and development: The Salesians of Don Bosco began their work in the City of Vercelli at the "Belvedere" in 1912. The Vocational School started in the academic year 1946/47 thanks to the initiative of the parish priest, Don Tomè Bartolomeo and the Salesian lay Vincenzo Diana. The greatest development moment of the facility occurred in 1970 with the inauguration of the new building destined to the Mechanics laboratory. Since 1972 the Centre has been recognized with the Presidential Decree of 15 January 1972, as the n°10 by the Piedmont Region. The facilities and equipment are updated according to changing technologies and the different types of courses.

 Sectors and activities today: it promotes Initial, Continuing and Higher Vocational Training activities not publicly funded and other training activities.
It mainly operates in Mechanical, Electrical and Personal care services sector. 


Corso Randaccio 18, 13100 Vercelli (VC)
tel. (+39) 0161.25.77.05 - fax (+39) 0161.25.40.77
e-mail: direzione.vercelli@cnosfap.it
Website: www.cnos-fap.net