Fabrizio Bonalume

Year of foundation: 1978

Origins and development: The Cnos-Fap of Bologna was founded in July 3, 1978 by the will of the Salesian Institute Blessed Virgin of S. Luca, always had and continues to have among its goals: the human, civic and Christian promotion, as well as the vocational training of young people using a unique educational system, the methods and style of St. John Bosco. Set in the Salesian Institute of Bologna, the CNOS FAP has always drawn attention to the working classes in order to give young people their professional role in a creative and conscious way.

Sectors and activities today: it promotes Initial and Higher Vocational Training activities not publicly funded

It mainly operates in Mechanical and Graphic sector. 

Via Jacopo Della Quercia 1, 40128 Bologna (BO)
tel. (+39)
e-mail: a.migliorini@cnosfabologna.it
Website: www.cnosfapbologna.it