Meusburger Georg GmbH & KG is a leader in the field of standard normals.
It's represented in every European Nation by its own salespeople or partners. 
It delivers to 51 countries and has more than 8,000 customers.
Meusburger provides: successive processing with reduced distortions thanks to ditension heat treatment; cost and time savings thanks to strict in-house quality guidelines.
The best services thanks to efficient ordering and competent staff at all levels. Continuous availability of products guaranteed by the largest stock of standardized and the shortest delivery times thanks to optimal processes and an efficient logistics network.

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Collaboration CNOS-FAP Federation-Meusburger:

The CNOS-FAP Federation and the Meusburger Georg GmbH & Co KG signed a Cooperation Agreement on 29 October, 2013. The parties bind themselves to: 

  • Improve the vocational, professional and technological knowledge and competences of students and teachers working in the mechanical industrial sector (Vocational Training Centres, Polytechnic Schools and legally recognized Professional Institutes);
  • Find different activities combining the educational purposes of Italian Educational System with the labour market needs, in order to foster the professional insertion of young people in the business world.