Applicant Organisation : Uniser Soc. Coop. Onlus
This KA2 project allowed the partnership of 9 organizations (VET providers, mobility providers and technical experts) from 5 different countries (Italy, France, Spain, the Netherlands and Poland).
Objectives:  The main objective of this project is to increase the quality and effectiveness of VET provision through better integration of curricula and mobility.
The specific objectives are:
1. To exchange good practices on the most effective ways to make mobility more integrated with VET curricula, for the achievement of non-professional learning outcomes and transversal skills.
2. To enhance the capacity of VET curricula combined with mobility projects to teach key competencies, citizenship skills and entrepreneurship to students.
3. To raise awareness in VET providers and intermediary organisations on new methodologies that put students at the centre of the learning process before, during and after the mobility abroad using ICTs.
4. To improve the (self-)evaluation of the impact of mobility on the training path of the students using innovative tools.


Erasmus+ KA2 - Strategic Partnerships
Project category: 
European / International
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